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Our Approach

Spectrum provides our services in a few different ways:

  • Part time, concurrent services (as an extension of your team)
  • Issue specific advisory support
  • Project-by-project, from design through development and implementation
  • As a broker, negotiator and project manager involving third party services (e.g. technology enhancements, insurance rate negotiations)
  • As a pre-set program (see below)

For each project assignment we will meet with you and your team to understand your operation, vision and goals, discuss what is working well and help identify the challenges and areas of opportunity……


1. Human Capital Review:

We have designed a straightforward evaluation process, based on a 2 day analysis of current business objectives, procedures, policies and programs, in order to identify opportunities for improvement and for ‘growth readiness’.  This program has been created for new clients and existing clients to give a solid ‘snap shot’ of Human Capital initiatives that will have the most impact on performance.

Cost:  $1,500.00 U.S.

2. 6 Month Advisory Program:

On-sight and off-sight support is provided to organizations needing management expertise to address specific issues, manage projects or provide general counsel on a limited time basis.  Offered over a 6 month period, this program is ideal for small-mid sized businesses that need flexibility to leverage support at the most critical times.  Hours are utilized as needed and carried forward as required.

Cost: $2,000.00 per month U.S.