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Board Governance

In today’s environment of heightened competition, increased demands for transparency and accountability and increased regulation, boards are under pressure to be more effective in their governance role.  Board members are seeking out better tools with which to govern and companies are recognizing the strategic benefits of utilizing the skills and expertise of qualified board members.

Organizations vary widely in size, mission and culture and so do their Boards.  But the issues and challenges around governance are common:

  • Leadership – selecting, retaining and defining the role of the CEO
  • Recruitment – recruiting and retaining qualified board members
  • Succession Planning – developing board leaders and succession capabilities of the CEO
  • Role Clarity – ensuring board members understand their fiduciary duties and responsibilities, general accountabilities and the role of stewardship
  • Culture – the importance of having the right board culture that compliments the organizations culture while maintaining the rigor of good governance
  • Strategic Planning – to have solid capability to think strategically by every board member
  • Performance Measurement – assessing board effectiveness
  • Board Meeting Management – the importance of having effective board meetings to carry out the work of the board and effectively support management initiatives

Spectrum HCI provides:

  1. Professional consulting to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your board through a review of current structures and practices.  We will offer recommendations for improvement and support to implement those changes.
  2. Board member expertise as a qualified member of your board, with direct board experience in strategic planning, operations management and human resource management.