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Human Capital Management

Most organizations realize they need an operating strategy, a sales and marketing, and a financial strategy. But it is also critical for every organization to have a human capital--or people--strategy that is aligned with the organization’s specific business goals and objectives.  This strategy will encompass relevant initiatives to attract, retain, develop, reward, lead, communicate with and motivate employees of the company.

Spectrum HCI Services

1. Human Capital Strategy:

Spectrum Human Capital works with organizations to develop a “people” strategy that complements the achievement of both their short- and long-term business goals.  

If appropriate, we will complete an audit of the human resource processes that are currently in place to meet business goals, including a review of the vision, mission and values of the organization (as available).  We will interview key stakeholders, review existing technology applications and the structure and functional capabilities within the current Human Resources function.

From this review we will be able to help define a go-forward Human Capital Strategy that aligns business goals with initiatives such as recruitment, retention, development, reward and recognition, performance enhancement, cultural alignment and communications.

2. Mergers and Acquisitions:

Spectrum Human Capital has depth of experience in a wide range of business transformations, including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures and start-ups, from pre-target through due diligence, integration and execution.  We work with our clients to address ‘people’ related issues including communications, performance and productivity, cultural alignment, organization design and compensation structures.

A survey of 670 corporate senior executives and Board members (entitled M&A Beyond Borders:  Opportunities & Risks, March 2008) by the Economist Intelligence Unit identified the following people issues as four of the top significant merger and acquisition issues:

  • M&A culture issues
  • Human capital integration issues
  • Lack of employee engagement
  • Leadership / management retention issues

3. Human Resource Consulting Services:

Spectrum Human Capital offers a broad range of support to clients in the human resource management area.  Each component can be tackled as a stand alone project or we will take a combined approach to tackle several areas, all within the context of the companies’ short and long term strategic goals.  Sample areas of focus include:

  • Cultural Alignment
    • Mission, Vision, Values
    • Attitudes and Expectations
    • Capabilities aligned with business strategy
  • Organization Development
    • Organization Design and Structure
    • Roles and Accountabilities
    • Workforce planning
  • Leadership
    • Assessment and development
    • Succession planning
  • Sourcing and Selection
    • Recruitment strategy development
    • Assessment and selection
  • Rewards and Recognition
    • Compensation and employee benefits alignment
    • Incentive Programs
  • Performance Management
    • Setting Goals and Objectives
    • Monitoring and Measuring Performance
  • Human Resource Department Audit
    • Process, Program and Capability Review